vsShare is a shopping and shipping affiliate program. Like other similar type of programs run by Amazon, eBay, Circuit City, Shop.com, it is easy to promote vsHub to everyone and to make money online.

Register for free, then go to the vsShare Program and invite all your friends to join too. When they join vsHub, they will become your affiliated members.

vsHub Share banners are also available for download. You can put these banners in your website and blog to share with your readers and visitors. When they join vsHub, they will also become your affiliated members.

Earn Money by sharing vsHub

Earn passive income from vsShare every time when your affiliated members use vsHub services to ship their online shopping to Malaysia or Singapore. vsShare earnings is calculated based on 3% of the shipping invoice generated by vsHub for all your affiliated members. This is done automatically and you can track your vsShare earnings real time online.

  1. Only new vsHub members can qualify to be your affiliates. There is no limit to the number of affiliates you can sign up. Your affiliates can also sign up their own affiliates but no cyclical or repetitive affiliate memberships is allowed. vsHub reserves the right to disallow or deny any affiliate members if found.
  2. Usage is based on actual engagement of vsHub parcel forwarding services by your affiliates and is tracked by order number and invoice number issued by vsHub.
  3. vsHub$ is calculated based on % of invoice amount billed to your affiliates. Every invoice billed to your affiliates will be entitled for the vsHub Share program. vsHub$ will be automatically credited into your account after every payment is made for the billed invoice.
  4. vsHub will issue payment once a month for your earned vsHub$ based on the total balance at the previous month end closing. Payment mode is by cheque for amount exceeding RM50 and above. If you have less than RM50 in your earned vsHub$ account, the balance amount will be carried forward to the following month.There is no expiry date for your vsHub$. You can login and check your vsHub$ account online.

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