Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping

Why DDP Shipping Will Save You Time and Money?

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We will prepare all the shipping documentation ie. commercial invoice, packing list and customs declaration for you.

We send the shipment manifest list to our dedicated customs clearance team for pre-clearance and customs handling.

Our specialists will handle and settle any customs clearance issues including duty/tax on your behalf.

We provide customs handling and clearance as a complimentary service for your shipment. It is free of charge!

We will declare the HS code and value of your shipment for customs purposes on your behalf. This will save you not just from the trouble of making any wrong classification, but from paying a higher duty/tax unnecessarily.

No one likes surprises. The last thing you want is a billing shock from your shipping company. Our DDP shipping fee is upfront inclusive of shipping, customs clearance, duty and tax (if any).

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We are specialist for door-to-door DDP shipping to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Contact us for your shipping needs. It can be a small package or even a full container load, we can help you to import by acting as your freight and logistics provider, importer of record and special customs broker. We have warehouses is USA, China, Singapore and Malaysia to support order fulfilment, storage, pick and pack and return management services.

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