Simply Juicy

Ladies, feast your eyes on this beauty. I present to youA�Juicy Couture’s Lock-it Want-it Satchel in Pink and Lilac. Originally priced at USD 348.00, it is now going for only USD 208.00. Have a look at the details of these satchels below:- Choose pink or lilac leather. Silver hardware.

Polo Anyone?

The word “Polo” has buy Sildalis online, purchase lioresal. a few different meanings. For some, it is a game played by hunky men on horses chasing after a tiny ball with long-handled mallets. (Think Prince William!) For history buffs, “polo” would conjure images of Marco Polo and his famous

Luscious Lashes

For those who are “lashes disadvantaged” like yours truly, mascaras are God-sent. I personally think that the mascara inventor should be a saint in his or her own right. We may not have naturally long lovely lashes but we can always get some help in the form of our