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The iPad Has Landed!

Thursday May 13 th 2010

hardware-01-20100127Here ye! Hear ye! The iPad has landed! Be the exclusive few to own the revolutionary iPad.


16G -RM 2450.00

32G – RM 2650.00

64G – RM 3200.00

FREE shipping right to your doorstep! Want one? Email your orders to or And watch all those around you stare at you buy Brand Cialis online, purchase lioresal. and your iPad with envy.

Jom ke Zoo!

Wednesday May 12 th 2010

Eksotik. Itulah perkataan yang paling sesuai bagi koleksi peribadi bercorak haiwan. Bukan semua berani menggayakan fesyen ini. Dari kulit ular, harimau kuda belang,harimau bintang hingga ke zirafah, semuanya menjadi inspirasi penggemar gaya sebegini.

Sesuai digayakan secara kasual mahupun ke majlis formal, kehadiran anda pasti disedari ramai dengan gaya garang ini.

Kali ini, kami membawakan anda tujuh aksesori yang perlu sebagai pelengkap. Semuanya di bawah bajet RM100.


1. Colourful Animal Hair Pins dan Animal Satin Bow Clips dari Forever 21. Kedua-duanya boleh didapati dengan harga USD4.80/ RM15.40 dan USD2.80/ RM8.98 di laman web rasmi Forever21.

2. Tiger Tunic Top ini boleh dimiliki dengan harga hanya pada USD15.80/ RM50.69, juga dari Forever21. Sangat sesuai jika dipakai semasa bersantai di hujung minggu dan dipadankan bersama a�?legginga�?.

3. Damita K Women’s ‘Amy-01’ Platform Pumps berinspirasikan motif kulit ular khas bagi anda yang ingin melangkah dengan penuh gaya. Kini, dengan hanya USD29.99/ RM96.22, ia boleh didapati dalam tiga warna iaitu merah, ungu dan hitam.

4. Tampil ranggi pada harga USD 13.99/ RM44.89 dengan Pink Giraffe Print Clutch Wallet, harga pasaran USD50/ RM160.43. Anda juga boleh dapatkannya sekarang di

5. Hiasi jari manis anda dengan Malegra buy online, generic dapoxetine. 18k Gold/ Sterling Silver Leopard Print Ring bergaya ini. Ditawar pada harga USD23.99/ RM76.97 sahaja, anda tentu berasa berat untuk keluar rumah tanpanya!

6. Gelang tangan boleh digayakan dengan apa jua. Dijual pada harga USD29.50/ RM94.65, Nobility Bracelet ini kini boleh dimiliki dengan hanya USD14.99/ RM48.10 sahaja! Penjimatan hingga 40%!

7. Siapa kata kuda belang berwarna hitam dan putih? Apt. 9 Silver-Tone Zebra Bangle Bracelet juga didapati dalam warna biru akua. Kini dalam jualan penghabisan, ia boleh dibeli dengan hanya USD8/ RM25.67 sahaja. Sebelum ini dijual pada USD20/ RM64.17!

Bagi yang belum pernah mencuba gaya safari, anda boleh lawati laman ini untuk tips ringkas. Siapa kata anda perlu modal besar untuk bergaya sakan? Semua koleksi di atas berharga kurang dari RM100!

Summer Sensation.

Monday May 10 th 2010

Hello sunshine. Ita��s summer again. Leta��s embrace summer with new fragrances just for you. Feast you sense with these clearance collection offered by the perfume spot.


For ladies who are into sensual scents of the night, the Velvet Hour by Kate Moss is a perfect choice at only USD19.99/ RM224.04) You save 70%! The sensuous combination of freesia, blue pepper, patchouli, nutmeg, wood, amber, ebony, sandalwood and cashmere incense reminds me of a total intimate scene lit by candlelight.


For men, these miniature fragrances from CK are just too good to resist. Now on sale for just USD29.99/ RM95.69, Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein is an absolutely amazing bargain.


Ariel, Aurora, Belle and Cinderella are many little girlsa�� favourite princesses. Now, you can treat those little ladies by purchasing these EDT Spray by Disney and have us ship them right to your home. Let them enjoy the fairy tale experience at USD11.99/ RM 83.21) Thata��s a 54% saving!

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Heroes need to smell good too! These superheroes EDT Spray by Marmol is going for just USD12.99/ RM 41.57 (after a discount of 63%). Make Batman, Superman, Wolverine and Ironman inspire your heroes at home. Retail price was USD35/ RM 112.02.

A Special Breed

Saturday May 8 th 2010


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Many would be taking their mothers out for a nice meal, a facial or shopping spree to honour these special breed of women. Mothers are like superheroes to me as they have many superpowers. For starters, these seemingly ordinary women are able to grow and nurture something from the size of a pea to a huge watermelon in a period of just nine months. Then, these women undergo hard labour to shoot that little being out of her body only to assume another identity…..somebody’s mummy.

One remarkable superpower of mothers is their ability to produce sustenance from her own body. The ability to breastfeed is an amazing superpower that NO man can ever match. This superpower helps protect her babies from illnesses and nourish them in more ways than one.

Another unique superpower is their incredible hearing abilities that can detect even the faintest coughs in the middle of the night when her child is sick. For those little fellas who are up to something naughty, don’t even try. Superhero mum’s super hearing powers would know if someone is in the fridge popping M&Ms secretly.

Some mothers order Viagra Super Active online cheap, buy dapoxetine online. have this amazing superpower of cooking with limited time and ingredients. I know one supermum who could switch effortlessly from CEO to chef extraordinaire in a matter of seconds. Dinner was ready in just under an hour and it was not instant noodles, mind you but a complete dinner with rice with 5 dishes.

Some supermums from my own mother’s era have super powers to maintain a huge house and a beautiful garden all by herself without a maid or a gardener. These women have houses that are spick and span and a garden full of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. They are able to do all these and still cook delicious dinners without a microwave.

These days’ supermums have evolved to have the superpower of multitasking where she juggles her family and her work to achieve a perfect balance. The ability to multitask a million things all at once is no mean feat. Get any man to try working from home with a tight deadline with a couple kids who eat like every 3 hours and have a zillion requests. I can safely assure you, no normal or sane man would be able to do that for more than 8 hours……unless he is Superdad.

This Mother’s Day, we would like to salute all the beautiful supermums out there. Put your feet up and have a wonderful Mother’s Day.