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Get Crafty

Tuesday June 23 rd 2009


Dog Door Critters Learn-To-Sew Kit ($ 6.99)

Sew a Kitty Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99)


Butterfly and Flower Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99)

Bear and Heart Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99)

Most kids love getting their hands and imagination busy with arts and crafts. Instead of your usual paper and crayons, why not do something different for a change to help nurture your child’s creativity. With Quincrafts Dog Door Critters Learn-To-Sew Kit, am sure that it will keep your kids busy for quite a while. This beginner learn-how-to-sew kit is ideal for those aged 6 and above as it comes with pre-cut holes to help little hands sew. At, it is going for $ 6.99 and each kit has:

* A� A�Pre-cut dog and heart felt shapes

* A� A�Pink and Tastylia without prescription, generic lioresal. brown yarn

* A� A�Stuffing material

* A� A�Sequins for decorating

* A� A�Safe plastic needle

As charges a flat shipping rate of $ 2.95, enjoy greater savings by ordering more Learn to Sew Kits by Quincrafts. If your kids love kittens, am sure that they would love Quincrafts Sew a Kitty Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit at $ 8.99. This kit includes all that is needed to sew a cute kitty and there are also sequins for decoration. Another fun-to-do Learn-To-Sew Kit is the Butterfly and Flower Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit also priced at $ 8.99.

For those who adore bears, get Bear and Heart Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99) and the “beary” special bear and heart are suitable as presents for mums, dads or grandparents. These fun and cute craft kits will no doubt keep your kids entertained and parents get to keep these keepsakes to remember the happy times spent making them together.

Safe Fit For Your Precious Cargo

Tuesday June 16 th 2009


The adult seat belt is not meant for little passengers as the shoulder and lap belts do not fit them at all. What’s worse is parents try to make do by pulling the shoulder strap behind the child to prevent the strap from strangling the little one. This is clearly a very unsafe practice but many parents are not aware of this as they think that the lap belt is sufficient to prevent the child from getting flung out of his seat.

To make travelling safe for bigger children who have outgrown their car seats but are still too little to fit the adult seat belts properly, I highly recommend Safe Fit Auto Seat Belt Adjuster & Positioner. As I have not seen any of these seat belt adjusters over here, I trawled the Net and was happy to find Safe Fit Auto Seat Belt Adjuster & Positioner at What I like about this awesome safety device is its nice and soft faux suede fabric makes it comfortable for the little ones unlike some seat belt adjusters that are made of plastic, incredibly hard and poke into tender flesh.

This Deluxe Seat Belt Adjuster is suitable for bigger kids over 50 lbs as it repositions the shoulder Super Tadarise buy online, clomid without prescription. strap so that it does not cut into the child’s neck or face. It also keeps the lap belt positioned securely low on the child’s hips to minimise the probability of the child getting flung out of his seat.

For just $9.97 with shipping not included, I urge parents to invest in this innovative gadget to help keep your precious one safe while travelling.

Get Around In A Jiffy With A Combi

Tuesday May 5 th 2009


This is one of my best investments. Combia��s Urban Stroller is one of the very few lightweight strollers with carrying capacity of up to 55lbs (25kgs) and is ideal for bigger kids. Weighing only 10lbs, this stylish stroller is light enough for mummies to lug around and its front swivel wheels makes manoeuvring this baby such a breeze. At 41inches in height, this stroller is great for taller mummies and daddies too. The quick and easy tri-fold mechanism makes stowing away effortless and opens the stroller with just one hand.

Its extra long canopy and weather shield ensures that your precious one is adequately protected against sunshine, wind and rain. The buy Kamagra Gold online, cheap clomid. cupholder at the side makes it convenient for your child to reach for their own drink.

At only $69.99, this portable stroller is a real steal at Babies R Us.