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Stylish Babes

Friday September 11 th 2009

One of the best accessories any woman can have is a well dressed and cute baby. I often joke with my friends who are new mothers that we can get away with all the excess post partum baby weight as along as we have a cute baby in our arms. The baby will hide our “excess baggage” and provide distraction by doing cute baby antics.

I used to dress my babies is onesies/rompers as these are specially designed to make dressing and diaper change almost painless. I personally love onesies as the snap bottoms makes diaper changes easier as you just need to unbutton and pull up the bottom potion to change. If you have a really wriggly babe, you would be sweating buckets just trying to get your little one in and out of his/her pants. Besides, with onesies, you don’t have to crack your head if buy Cialis soft FRUIT, buy zithromax online. your baby’s top will match the bottom.


babyGap has very cute onesies going for only USD$ 3.99. (Previously retailing at USD$ 12.50) Their Cheeky Animal Graphic Bodysuit comes in 7 really adorable designs for both girls and boys. These short sleeved bodysuits has lapped shoulders and round neckline which are great for dressing babies in a hurry as all you need to do is pull the onesie over your baby’s head and body and you are almost ready. The easy-to-use snaps at the bottom are the only fastening contraptions you need to deal with. No need to fiddle with stubborn buttons or fears of zippers catching delicate baby flesh.

Made from 100% cotton, it is perfect for hot weather or layering with other clothes for chilly evenings. The soft and comfortable knit cotton bodysuit with finely ribbed trim throughout has really adorable graphics in front with humorous sayings that would no doubt make your baby a hit with anyone. My fav is the one with the little bear that says “small, dark and handsome”.

With these cute bodysuits, am sure your little darlings would provide major cute factor for your coming Hari Raya!


2 Replies to Stylish Babes

  1. Felicia says:

    Hi! how can get these? where should i purchase from?

  2. Sha says:

    Hi, Felicia! You can go to babyGap. and shop to your heart’s content. Have fun!