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Safe Fit For Your Precious Cargo

Tuesday June 16 th 2009


The adult seat belt is not meant for little passengers as the shoulder and lap belts do not fit them at all. What’s worse is parents try to make do by pulling the shoulder strap behind the child to prevent the strap from strangling the little one. This is clearly a very unsafe practice but many parents are not aware of this as they think that the lap belt is sufficient to prevent the child from getting flung out of his seat.

To make travelling safe for bigger children who have outgrown their car seats but are still too little to fit the adult seat belts properly, I highly recommend Safe Fit Auto Seat Belt Adjuster & Positioner. As I have not seen any of these seat belt adjusters over here, I trawled the Net and was happy to find Safe Fit Auto Seat Belt Adjuster & Positioner at What I like about this awesome safety device is its nice and soft faux suede fabric makes it comfortable for the little ones unlike some seat belt adjusters that are made of plastic, incredibly hard and poke into tender flesh.

This Deluxe Seat Belt Adjuster is suitable for bigger kids over 50 lbs as it repositions the shoulder Super Tadarise buy online, clomid without prescription. strap so that it does not cut into the child’s neck or face. It also keeps the lap belt positioned securely low on the child’s hips to minimise the probability of the child getting flung out of his seat.

For just $9.97 with shipping not included, I urge parents to invest in this innovative gadget to help keep your precious one safe while travelling.