As I am a typical girl, I am not a very huge football fan. But I pay enough attention to know that World Cup is very near as football fever is everywhere. Once in every four years, football mad fans would forgo sleep to catch their fav teams in action.

Come June 11, football fans will be glued to their TVs for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. To complete the World Cup experience, browse through amazon.com for the best jerseys!


1. Nike Brasil Home Jersey, from USD64.99/ RM209.78 onwards

2. Umbro England Home Soccer Jersey available for USD65.00/ RM209.82 only

3. France Home Youth Soccer Jersey is going for USD54.99/ RM177.51

4. Adidas Youth Argentina Home Jersey. You can buy it for USD45.99/ RM148.45 – USD49.99/ RM161.37

And get the matching boots too!


5. Adidas Men’s P Absolion Firm Ground Power Soccer Cleat, with special offer of USD59.99/ RM193.64 – USD89.91/ RM290.23

6. Diadora Men’s Veneto MD Soccer Cleat at only USD25.99/ RM83.90 – USD35.99/ RM116.18

7. With 5-star review, this Adidas Men’s P Powerswerve TRX Firm Ground Soccer Cleat is on sale for USD99.99/ 322.77 – USD200/ RM645.60 Cialis Super Active online, buy clomid. .

Wonder who will be the champion this year? Stay tuned to find out who will take the cup home. If you miss this one, youa��ll have to wait another four years. Fuh! Thata��s a long way to go.

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    • shima
      May 30, 2010 at 5:00 pm

      do you have bigger pictures of the jerseys?

      (1)Are these from the merchants.How much is the total cost of 1 jersey plus the delivery to Malaysia?

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