Why? I could give you a multitude of reasons. On my last shopping trip out to a major shopping centre, I saw someA�snappy Nine WestA�shoes.A�The average price of a pair of Nine West shoes could cost anything between Rm363/US$103 (forA�jazzy sandels : Sourcerer) to A�Rm 396/US$112 (for high heel strappies : Jenicca orA�A� (casual straps : Jed)

When I scoured the net, I found, http://www.shopstyle.com/browse/womens-shoes/Nine-West

which sells the jazzy sandals sourcerer for ONLY Rm194/US$54.99, Jennica for only Rm247/US$69.99 and Jed for Rm251/US$$71.06!A�That’s a saving of almost 50%! Throw in delivery, I would still save 40%! Imagine that! What’s more there are a wider variety of colours to choose from.

On buy Malegra, acquire clomid. that last venture out,A�IA�also shopped for bags.A�A�I saw someA�Guess bags which could set me back Rm759/US$215 for a new arrival

Legend Shopper Bag.

If I boughtA�themA�direct from US and delivered via vsHub,A�I could get the exact model from http://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fts=guess+bags for only Rm 300/US$84.99 (this was a discount from a previous RETAIL price of Rm406/US$115 mind you). With a discount thrown in, I was saving a whopping 60% or to be more precise Rm459!A� So I guess I have qualified my multitude of reasons.A� 🙂

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    • Moneywise
      May 22, 2009 at 2:27 pm

      If only I knew this earlier…I could have save $$$ and then make good use of the savings to buy more stuffs. Now time to surf for really good deals. But wait, need to register as a member first!

      Online shopping USA, here I come.

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