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Cleaning without the pain – iRobot Roomba 630 Professional Series

Tuesday May 26 th 2009

I’ve had a domesticA�helper forA�8 years and frankly I would like my kids to grow up not thinking that life’s a fairy tale. That the dishes and floors don’t get miraculously clean norA�do singing order Tadalis SX online, buy Zoloft. birds and mice do the chores. So I’m thinking of buying a Roomba vacuum; that would automate some cleaning chores while my kidsA�help withA�the rest. I found the latestA�Professional Roomba vacuum series.

Roomba 610 Professional - SAVE $50

The latest iRobot RoombaA� 610 Professional Series costA� US$549.99(RM 1,918.92/S$795), if I ship it via, it would probably cost about RM2,296/S$951 (assuming the total package weighs approximately 8-9 kg). That’s even less than what I have to pay for the an iRobot Roomba 560, which would cost RM 2388 from a retailer in Malaysia. And that’sA�an older model!

The package includes :
1 iRobot Roomba Professional Series 610
2 Professional Series Virtual Wall LighthousesA� *
1 Self-charging Professional Heavy-weighted Home Base
1 Extra long Professional Series Power Supply
2 Brush Cleaning Tools
1 Extra Set of Brushes
1 Rechargeable Battery
2 Extra Filters
1 Vacuuming Debris Bin
1 High Capacity Sweeper Bin
1 Accessory Storage Case
2-Year Professional Limited Warranty
* Each requires 2 C batteries (not included)

This was one of the reviews which convinced me to buy the Roomba direct from the US.


By Joe from Canada on 11/8/2008
My Robot’s Name:
Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
Comments about NEW iRobot RoombaA� 610 Professional Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot:

It is the most amazing vacum cleaner, it holds it’s charge way longer than the older models and does a better job than any other upright vacum. If you are looking to buy a roomba buy the 610, because this on is the best. It is worth every penny it costs!!! Don’t wait any longer

Green Cooking, Anyone?

Saturday May 23 rd 2009


Green Pan 6-Piece Set Black Aluminium


11-inch Grill Pan


8-inch Fry Pan

This is on my wish list. (Hint! Hint!) Imagine cooking with these babies! With its Thermolon non-stick Extra Super Tadadel no rx, buy dapoxetine. technology, cooking will now be a lot healthier as you need not add any oil or butter. Unlike other non-stick pans, Green Pan does not contain any PTFE or PFOA. These pans are designed to last and this may probably be the last time you will be shopping for cookware. They are also scratch and abrasion resistant.

At, this state-of-the-art cookware set is going for S$ 205.00 (US$ 139.30) for the 2-piece set (20cm and 24cm) Frying Pans. But I found this incredibly fantastic deal at For only US$ 79.99, you’ll get Green Pan with Thermolon Technology Premier Set which includes:-

  • 8″ (20cm) Fry Pan with lid
  • 11″ (28cm) Fry Pan
  • 11″ (28cm) Grill Pan with grill ridges
  • 11″ (28cm) Steamer Insert
  • 11″ (28cm) Universal Lid (can be used with the 11″ Grill Pan and the 11″ Fry Pan)

Any takers for this amazing deal? I know someone who is dying to get her greedy hands on these beauties. Me.

Why Buy US Brands Direct From US? – Advice from an Avid Shopper

Thursday May 21 st 2009

Why? I could give you a multitude of reasons. On my last shopping trip out to a major shopping centre, I saw someA�snappy Nine WestA�shoes.A�The average price of a pair of Nine West shoes could cost anything between Rm363/US$103 (forA�jazzy sandels : Sourcerer) to A�Rm 396/US$112 (for high heel strappies : Jenicca orA�A� (casual straps : Jed)

When I scoured the net, I found,

which sells the jazzy sandals sourcerer for ONLY Rm194/US$54.99, Jennica for only Rm247/US$69.99 and Jed for Rm251/US$$71.06!A�That’s a saving of almost 50%! Throw in delivery, I would still save 40%! Imagine that! What’s more there are a wider variety of colours to choose from.

On buy Malegra, acquire clomid. that last venture out,A�IA�also shopped for bags.A�A�I saw someA�Guess bags which could set me back Rm759/US$215 for a new arrival

Legend Shopper Bag.

If I boughtA�themA�direct from US and delivered via vsHub,A�I could get the exact model from for only Rm 300/US$84.99 (this was a discount from a previous RETAIL price of Rm406/US$115 mind you). With a discount thrown in, I was saving a whopping 60% or to be more precise Rm459!A� So I guess I have qualified my multitude of reasons.A� 🙂

Lost In Space No More

Wednesday May 20 th 2009

Garmin Nuvi 5000 GPSA�

I am quite hopeless with directions. I need maps and precise instructions to help me get to my destination especially those areas I am not familiar with. Thankfully, I found a gadget to help geographically challenged people like me. I know with Garmin Nuvi 5000 5.2-Inch Portable GPS Navigator, I will save loads of petrol as I will not get lost so much anymore.

Garmin Nuvi 5000 5.2-Inch Portable GPS Navigator shows the exact latitude and longitude coordinates. With its voice prompts, you do not have to keep glancing at this thingamajig as you drive. It will even speak to you. How cool is that? With a whole lot of cool features such as Auto-sort multiple destinations (provides most direct route), Auto re-route (fast off-route and detour recalculation) and Choice of route setup this is one useful gadget to have in your car. Plus its 5.2 inch display won’t have you squinting at the display.

Want this cool gadget? It is going for US$ 1 010.00 in stores but at GPS -NavBestBuy.Com, you can get it for US$ 569.99. But the best price I found is US$ 298.97 at Silagra for sale, order zithromax.