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Kejutan Pertama

Tuesday May 25 th 2010

Fikiran buntu memikirkan hadiah untuk bayi? Diibaratkan seperti kain putih yang sedia dicorakkan, warnailah hidup mereka dengan variasi pakaian bayi dari GAP.

Dengan potongan harga yang menarik, tiada sebab untuk menolak tawaran ini.


Striped romper adalah sesuai tanpa mengira jantina bayi. Kini hanya $17.99/ RM58.51, ia boleh dipakai bila-bila masa. Satu lagi pilihan baju tidur ialah Arch logo long sleep set. Set eksklusif ini boleh dibelii dengan harga $19.99/ RM65.02 sahaja.


Slub graphic bodysuit yang comel ini bleh dibeli dengan harga $14.50/ RM47.16. Tetapi, dengan tawaran Buy 2 or more, $12.00 each anda boleh beli 2 dengan harga $12.00/ RM39.03 setiap satu!


Jika anda mahu sesuatu yang lebih dewasa dan santai untuk bayi, tiada salahnya mencuba Printed V-neck top dengan harga $9.99/ RM32.49 (Diskaun sebanyak 60%). Ia boleh dipadankan dengan denim Five-pocket jeans. Harga kini: $14.99/ RM48.75, setelah diskaun sebanyak 40%! Gaya yang sangat sesuai untuk berhujung minggu!


Untuk bayi lelaki, Rugby striped T ini amat kemas dan selesa dipadankan bersama Pull-on herringbone beach comber shorts. Kedua-duanya ditawarkan pada harga $9.99/ RM32.49 setiap satu.


Untuk cuaca yang panas, Animal-print tank, $12.50/ RM40.66 amat sesuai dipadankan dengan seluar pendek. Kini dengan tawaran a�?buy 2 or more, $9.00 each Cialis Professional for sale, zithromax reviews. a�?, anda boleh membeli satu dalam setiap corak.

Banyak lagi pilihan musim panas ditawarkan untuk bayi lelaki dan perempuan. Tunggu apa lagi? Pilihlah sekarang.

Dad, Youa��re My Champ!

Friday May 21 st 2010


Alert, sons and daughters! It is Fathera��s Day on 20th June. Fathera��s Day is usually celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June while Mothera��s Day is the 1st. Sunday in May. Suhagra for sale, buy clomid.

This is a celebration to cherish Dads all over the world who had been working day and night providing all the essentials and comforts for their families. From , we have selected three of the coolest and cutest gifts ever for your dearest Dads. It might not seem enough to repay them for all they had given us but at least, these will make them smile.


When I first saw this Worlda��s Greatest Dad Coffee Mug Superman, I know that my own Dad will surely love this. So, maybe, your Dad will love it too! Now going for USD3.07/ RM9.98 only, this super mug is totally super cute.


Normal frames can only fit one image. But with this ViewSonic High ResolutionDigital Photo Frame, you can view all those precious moments captured with your Dad. Simply insert your thumb drive and you are ready to go. Now available at only USD49.99/ RM161.49, previously going for USD129/ RM416.73. What a bargain! You save 61%!

happy-dad-and-happy-baby-matching-shirts-for-father-and-baby-boygirl1happy-dad-and-happy-baby-matching-shirts-for-father1 happy-dad-and-happy-baby-matching-shirts-for-father-and-baby-boy1happy-dad-and-happy-baby-matching-shirts-for-father-and-baby-girl1

Why said that a Fathera��s Day gift can be only given by a child to his dad. Maybe this year for a change, wives can present their men with these super cute t-shirts. This Happy Dad and Happy Baby Matching Shirts are in store from USD17/ RM54.92 only!

Seeking for more ideas for Fathera��s Day? Simply visit fathersdaygiftideas.

Happily Ever After

Wednesday September 16 th 2009

I guess every little girl’s dream is to be a princess and live happily ever after. Disney has a whole range of princesses, from Ariel, the spunky mermaid princess to the Malegra no rx, acquire lioresal. domestically tortured Cinderella. They may have diverse stories and backgrounds but they all are super pretty and have huge fans among little and not-so-little girls. Merchandise of these princesses are mind-boggling and demands for them are endless.

This Hari Raya indulge your little princess in her very own princess tees. Priced at only USD$ 4.99, Silhouette Disney Princess Tee For Girls has a lovely assortment for you to choose from. These pretty tees have screen art with sparkling silhouettes of Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Aurora and Ariel. Made from 100% cotton with capped sleeves and ribbed crew neck, your gal will feel like a Disney Princess wearing it.


From Left: Cinderella, Various Pincesses, Ariel

At only USD$ 4.99 each, you can get the whole range for your little princess. After all, a Disney Princess is a very special Princess. One who is sweet, kind and very beautiful inside and out.

Stylish Babes

Friday September 11 th 2009

One of the best accessories any woman can have is a well dressed and cute baby. I often joke with my friends who are new mothers that we can get away with all the excess post partum baby weight as along as we have a cute baby in our arms. The baby will hide our “excess baggage” and provide distraction by doing cute baby antics.

I used to dress my babies is onesies/rompers as these are specially designed to make dressing and diaper change almost painless. I personally love onesies as the snap bottoms makes diaper changes easier as you just need to unbutton and pull up the bottom potion to change. If you have a really wriggly babe, you would be sweating buckets just trying to get your little one in and out of his/her pants. Besides, with onesies, you don’t have to crack your head if buy Cialis soft FRUIT, buy zithromax online. your baby’s top will match the bottom.


babyGap has very cute onesies going for only USD$ 3.99. (Previously retailing at USD$ 12.50) Their Cheeky Animal Graphic Bodysuit comes in 7 really adorable designs for both girls and boys. These short sleeved bodysuits has lapped shoulders and round neckline which are great for dressing babies in a hurry as all you need to do is pull the onesie over your baby’s head and body and you are almost ready. The easy-to-use snaps at the bottom are the only fastening contraptions you need to deal with. No need to fiddle with stubborn buttons or fears of zippers catching delicate baby flesh.

Made from 100% cotton, it is perfect for hot weather or layering with other clothes for chilly evenings. The soft and comfortable knit cotton bodysuit with finely ribbed trim throughout has really adorable graphics in front with humorous sayings that would no doubt make your baby a hit with anyone. My fav is the one with the little bear that says “small, dark and handsome”.

With these cute bodysuits, am sure your little darlings would provide major cute factor for your coming Hari Raya!