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Tiers Of Happiness

Monday September 14 th 2009


Hari Raya is Female Viagra without prescription, cheap lioresal. just round the corner. I am looking forward to celebrating it with my Muslim friends. Hari Raya is a great time to catch up with friends over divine tasting food. One of the things I remember about celebrating Hari Raya with my friend, N is the way her mum sets their main table. I would always secretly peek into their dinning hall each year to see how she has done up their main table. Always trust Aunty to whip up tasty Raya goodies and serve them so elegantly. Her table setting is always so pretty and elegant. Tasteful looking platters containing her delicious main course, beautifully polish cutlery and pretty cakes to complete her setting.

When I saw the above 3-tier server centrepiece, I immediately thought of N’s mum and her elegant Hari Raya table setting. Bet Aunty has one of these! Nothing looks more elegant than this silver 3-tier server sitting in the middle of the table. This silver-plated server has a decorative handle for easy carrying. You can put all the pretty cookies and cakes on the different tiers and set it on the table for your guests to savour your cookies or cakes while they mingle. With elegant floral designs, it measures approximately 14″ high with the largest at 12″, centre 9″ and the top is 6.5″. This is going for only USD$ 23.99, am sure it is a small price to pay for immense elegance.

For those who love the country feel, the 3-tier server below is just the thing for you. At only USD$ 13.39, this 3-tier porcelain floral server is just what you need as your pretty centrepiece. This pretty floral server measures approximately 13″ high with tier dimensions of 7.5″, 9″ and 10.5″ diameter.

If you cannot decide which is prettier, why not get BOTH? Getting both could help you save on your shipping charges. And with 2 different servers, you can have different table settings for different parties. Don’t wait! vsHub’s 10% off shipping charges is valid till 30 September only.


Tough Beauty

Saturday September 12 th 2009



Clockwise from the top: Pyrex Bakeware 19-piece Baking Dish Set,A�A�1/2-inch pie plate,A�8-inch square dish

Pyrex has been synonymous to durable and versatile cookware, bakeware and storage. Their classic designs make these wares timeless. Mothers can pass on these to their daughters along with their family’s favourite recipes.

At, a set of Pyrex Bakeware 19-piece Baking Dish Set is going for only USD$ 48.99. Made from durable, non-porous glass, these are ideal for baking and cooking as they provide good heat conduction for even and consistent baking. The clear glass also makes it easy to monitor the baking progress. Additionally, glass do not stain easily or retain food odours making cleaning up a breeze.

What makes buy Viagra, buy zithromax. this set even more wonderful is that the designs are pretty enough to go straight from the oven to the dinning table. As this set comes with their signature dark blue seal-tight lids, these bakeware can double up as storage too. I really like this concept – straight from the over onto the table and pop on the lids for storage.

For USD$ 48.99, Pyrex Bakeware 19-piece Baking Dish Set includes:

  • 2- and 3-quart oblong dish
  • 8-inch square dish
  • 1 1/2-quart loaf pan
  • 1-, 1-1/2-, and 2-1/2-quart mixing bowl
  • 9 1/2-inch pie plate
  • 4 10-ounce bowls
  • Seal-tight lids

So, complete your Hari Raya by having these lovely Pyrex set setting the ambiance for your Hari Raya open house. Am pretty sure that your “rendang”, “nasi himpit” and “serunding” would look very elegant and inviting in these. These are also excellent gifts for this festive season.


3-quart oblong dish with cover

Get Pretty

Saturday June 27 th 2009


What are these pretty things? Are they clutches? Or cheque book holders? When knitting meets fashion, you get Deluxe Clutch. Gone are the days of granny-style knitting bags to store all your knitting and crochet tools. With Deluxe Clutch, you can step out with your favourite hobby tools in style.

This gorgeous clutches can accommodate straight needles, Tunisian crochet hooks and even long handled paint brushes. With 24 slots of different sizes, you can buy Female Viagra, acquire zithromax. store wide knitting needles, crochet hooks, paint brushes and markers. The secure magnetic closures hold everything safe inside so nothing falls out.

Deluxe Clutch comes in various colours and design. At Annie’s Attic, these are going for $ 59.99. Choose from 4 gorgeous designs with cutesy names – Ariel, Daisy Mae, Paisley Pomegranate and Ruby Stripe.

More on these pretty but functional clutches

  • Dimension: 5.5″ H x 15″ W x 1″D (Close) 15″H x 20″W (Open)
  • 2 magnetic snap closures
  • Corded trim
  • Faille lining
  • Protective flap
  • 1 zipper pocket with custom gold zipper and pull
  • 6 circular needle pockets
  • 24 slots for knitting needles, paint brushes or tools
  • 4 slots for crochet hooks or pencils
  • Handmade in the USA


*Accessories not included.

Get Crafty

Tuesday June 23 rd 2009


Dog Door Critters Learn-To-Sew Kit ($ 6.99)

Sew a Kitty Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99)


Butterfly and Flower Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99)

Bear and Heart Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99)

Most kids love getting their hands and imagination busy with arts and crafts. Instead of your usual paper and crayons, why not do something different for a change to help nurture your child’s creativity. With Quincrafts Dog Door Critters Learn-To-Sew Kit, am sure that it will keep your kids busy for quite a while. This beginner learn-how-to-sew kit is ideal for those aged 6 and above as it comes with pre-cut holes to help little hands sew. At, it is going for $ 6.99 and each kit has:

* A� A�Pre-cut dog and heart felt shapes

* A� A�Pink and Tastylia without prescription, generic lioresal. brown yarn

* A� A�Stuffing material

* A� A�Sequins for decorating

* A� A�Safe plastic needle

As charges a flat shipping rate of $ 2.95, enjoy greater savings by ordering more Learn to Sew Kits by Quincrafts. If your kids love kittens, am sure that they would love Quincrafts Sew a Kitty Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit at $ 8.99. This kit includes all that is needed to sew a cute kitty and there are also sequins for decoration. Another fun-to-do Learn-To-Sew Kit is the Butterfly and Flower Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit also priced at $ 8.99.

For those who adore bears, get Bear and Heart Learn-To-Sew Kid’s Craft Kit ($ 8.99) and the “beary” special bear and heart are suitable as presents for mums, dads or grandparents. These fun and cute craft kits will no doubt keep your kids entertained and parents get to keep these keepsakes to remember the happy times spent making them together.