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Hurry up! This is the FINAL lap!

Monday July 5 th 2010

On 7th July, all your chance to win the iPad will end. So, use all time that left to do your best and walk home with a brand new iPad.

Over past three weeks, HM005118 has been conquering the game with the most affiliate members. No worries, there is still time to get to the top. Register now and try harder!

I envy those of you who have a chance to win the iPad. Unlike you guys out there, Ia��ll have to do more to get the iPad. Like work hard for a few months to save up RM2500 to get one.


This is my last scoreboard update for this contest. Check out your lucky number. If ita��s here, then good for you. But, if ita��s not, just try harder. Do whatever it takes to win. The clock is ticking. The iPad is waiting. 7th July, is just around the corner! Dona��t wait. Register NOW!

Have a look on the updates from week 1, week 2 and the recent update.

Good luck!

Ps: On 7th July, the counting stops when the clock strikes 12.

One Reply to Hurry up! This is the FINAL lap!

  1. JAI says:

    wahhh..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…nombol tak naik naik..ahaks