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So Whoa��s Leading Now??

Monday June 14 th 2010


Ita��s been a week already since we launched our a�?Share and Wina�? contest. Thank you to all participants who took part in this easy and simple contest. Just to recap, the winner will walk away with a brand new iPad 16GB worth RM2500!! Are you curious to see whoa��s leading? Take a look.

1st: HM005118

2nd: HM005287

3rd: HM005292

4th: HM004738

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5th: HM005179

*As at A�A�14th June 2010.

Can you see your lucky number on the list? If you did, you might stand a chance to win the iPad. But, dona��t be too confident! There are many, many out there who are very eager to take your spot and grab the iPad from you!

For those who are not on the list, dona��t give up. Start going all out now. Ita��s still not too late. There is still another three weeks to go. Anything can happen. Many things can happen in these three weeks!

Just make your friends your affiliate and have them register. To motivate you further, go here to view the prizes you might win for an almost effortless contest!

Good luck!!


One Reply to So Whoa��s Leading Now??

  1. Jilim Nyayig says:

    Ipad is very practical and happening. I love and need ipad.