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iPad and More!

Monday June 7 th 2010


No, you did not misread the title. Ita��s for real! vsHub is having this crazy contest starting 7th June 2010 and we are giving away an iPad worth RM2500 as a special prize!

Basically, we want you to share with your friends, family and fans about our service. Now that we have our all-new share program, you can earn 3% of your affiliatea��s shipping charges. Whata��s great about this program is that your vsHub$ does not have any expiry date!


Now what about the iPad (how to win it), you ask? Just share the good news with your friends and family members. Then, encourage them to register with vsHub. The person with the most affiliated members will walk away with the iPad.


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1. Register for your own member number (HM 000000) at

2. Copy the “vsHub Share Banner” link. Put the link on your website.

and/ or

3. Share your member number with your friends and get them to register with vsHub. Please remember to tell them to use your member number as “Referral Code” during registration.

and/ or

4. Send as many invites as you want to your friends using Just use your friendsa�� email addresses to send the invites by filling in at the a�?Invite a frienda�? section.

To make this contest even more exciting, we are also giving out one RM 300 e-voucher* and 10 pre-paid mobile phone top-ups** worth RM200!

Good luck in gathering the largest pool of affiliates. Remember to drop your entry with your member number in the comment box below. This contest ends on 7th July 2010.

*This e-voucher is for your shopping spree via our Concierge Service. Please note that this e-Voucher cannot be used for your shipping charges to Malaysia.

** Mobile phone pre-paid card top-up of RM 20 each is applicable for all major service providers such as Maxis, Digi and Celcom.

28 Replies to iPad and More!

  1. NOR FATIHAH says:


  2. Member number: HM005287

  3. miki_612 says:


  4. azawan says:


  5. here is my member number HM005291

  6. JAI says:

    member referral code : HM005357

  7. Mohd Hazwan says:

    Member Reference No: HM003142

  8. wowww~ awesome! nak try gak lah.. huhu


  9. Yna says:


  10. aizuddin says:

    ok dah join.. HM005603

  11. yuki says:

    who want this i pad plz register use this link plz!!!


  12. mummy moon says:

    I want to join this contest , my member number HM005135

  13. chika says:

    me too, my ref is HM005817

  14. robin ong says:

    HM006102 me your ipad

  15. Jonathan Raj says:

    Please sign up under me!
    Referral Code is: HM006123
    Thanks guys!

  16. mich says:


  17. May says:

    Member number: HM005459

  18. jeremy ng says:

    contact me.