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That Special ONE

Thursday October 8 th 2009


This has is officially my all-time fav perfume. I can’t remember how many bottles I have finished but I am still not sick of CK ONE. I was trying to recall the first time I smelt this oh-so-lovely scent but the only thing I can remember is being hooked the instant this scent hit my olfactory system.

I love this scent because it smells fantastic on both men and women. This refreshing scent has sweet notes of pineapples, citrus, jasmine, rose and green tea. No wonder I love CK ONE so much as I happen to love all those smells as individual fruits and flowers. Although it is recommended for daytime wear, I squirt this on even for my evening functions as this scent is lovely without being overpowering.

My current bottle of CK ONE is reaching a dangerously low level. I was beginning to hyperventilate a bit at the prospects of running out of my fav scent. However, thanks to the wonderful world of online shopping, I found my refill at going for USD$26.82 (RM 94.50) for a 6.7 fl.oz. bottle. (200 ml)

At just USD$ 26.82 with FREE Super Saver Shipping, am sure this would make a great gift for any Super P-Force for sale, buy dapoxetine. guy or gal. So anyone out there wanna get this for me? *Hinting not so subtly*

3 Replies to That Special ONE

  1. roses says:

    pls calculate price for CK ONE include with shipping delivery.thanks!

  2. emy says:

    pls get me price for CK ONE 200ml bottle with the shipping cost..tq