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Happily Ever After

Wednesday September 16 th 2009

I guess every little girl’s dream is to be a princess and live happily ever after. Disney has a whole range of princesses, from Ariel, the spunky mermaid princess to the Malegra no rx, acquire lioresal. domestically tortured Cinderella. They may have diverse stories and backgrounds but they all are super pretty and have huge fans among little and not-so-little girls. Merchandise of these princesses are mind-boggling and demands for them are endless.

This Hari Raya indulge your little princess in her very own princess tees. Priced at only USD$ 4.99, Silhouette Disney Princess Tee For Girls has a lovely assortment for you to choose from. These pretty tees have screen art with sparkling silhouettes of Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Aurora and Ariel. Made from 100% cotton with capped sleeves and ribbed crew neck, your gal will feel like a Disney Princess wearing it.


From Left: Cinderella, Various Pincesses, Ariel

At only USD$ 4.99 each, you can get the whole range for your little princess. After all, a Disney Princess is a very special Princess. One who is sweet, kind and very beautiful inside and out.