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It’s Father’s Day Again!

Sunday June 7 th 2009


Father’s Day is just around the corner. My siblings and I have been pondering what to get our Dad for Father’s Day. Certainly not another shirt or coffee mug. We have decided to make dear old Dad’s shaving experience even more hi-tech. We wanted something with that cleans itself and does not require any batteries. Sounds too far fetched? Well, we found Philips Norelco 1050CC arcitec Men’s Shaving System!

This shaver’s Flex and Pivot technology has 3 independent flexing heads that swivels 360 degrees for a full range of motion for a perfectly close shave, even at those hard to reach areas at the neck. The Philips arcitec has triple-track shaving heads unlike the traditional single-track shaving heads to catch and cut more hair on every stroke. For Dads who still cherish their Elvis sideburns, the Advanced Tube Trimmer which extends Cialis no rx. Cialis online, buy zithromax online. out from the body of the shaver is perfect for trimming sideburns, goatees and moustaches.

You don’t even need batteries for this as it fully charges in just 1 hour for up to 65 minutes of shave time or 21 days of cord-free shaving. How convenient is that? Best of all, this state-of-the-art shaver cleans all by itself using its Jet Clean automatic cleaning system!

For only $175.97 at, vsHub can help you ship your Father’s Day gift right to your doorstep. Or his. Imagine his surprise on Father’s Day. Priceless!