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Green Cooking, Anyone?

Saturday May 23 rd 2009


Green Pan 6-Piece Set Black Aluminium


11-inch Grill Pan


8-inch Fry Pan

This is on my wish list. (Hint! Hint!) Imagine cooking with these babies! With its Thermolon non-stick Extra Super Tadadel no rx, buy dapoxetine. technology, cooking will now be a lot healthier as you need not add any oil or butter. Unlike other non-stick pans, Green Pan does not contain any PTFE or PFOA. These pans are designed to last and this may probably be the last time you will be shopping for cookware. They are also scratch and abrasion resistant.

At, this state-of-the-art cookware set is going for S$ 205.00 (US$ 139.30) for the 2-piece set (20cm and 24cm) Frying Pans. But I found this incredibly fantastic deal at For only US$ 79.99, you’ll get Green Pan with Thermolon Technology Premier Set which includes:-

  • 8″ (20cm) Fry Pan with lid
  • 11″ (28cm) Fry Pan
  • 11″ (28cm) Grill Pan with grill ridges
  • 11″ (28cm) Steamer Insert
  • 11″ (28cm) Universal Lid (can be used with the 11″ Grill Pan and the 11″ Fry Pan)

Any takers for this amazing deal? I know someone who is dying to get her greedy hands on these beauties. Me.

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  1. Sha says:

    Thanks, Nencia!